Mysterious Gates of Red Fort ..!!

Mysterious Gates of Red Fort ..!!


A story of luxury, love and hate, A story of crumbling gates.

Yeh dar, deewaarein, aaj bhi beete daur ki yaad dilate hain!

Many such doors inside forts of India have British Seals. This one is from Qila E Mubarak- the famed Red Fort of Delhi!

Ransacked, crippled of of its beauty, it still has treasures galore in every corner of this citadel, tales of mysteries, bloody stories, secret entrances to the fort, even escape tunnels leading all the way to Agra, underground old prisons, step walls and what not. Who knows what else is buried within layers of dust and years

Next time you here, weave your imagination to make a beautiful story or maybe a tricky plot !

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