“मोहब्बत में डूबी तहरीर -The Love Story of ShahJehan and Mumtaz (Heritage Baithak at Humayuns Tomb)


“Aaao qayenaat baant len….Tum mere, baaki sab tumhara”

Our indelible infatuation with the love stories and “Beghamat” of the bygone era, can be easily perceived from the frequency and theme of events and walks done recently.Yet again,we would like to rekindle the spark of the 17th century famous love that blossomed between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.A heartwarming amorous tale told and retold over the centuries,never ceases to arrest our attention even today. Musafirs,please join us on the beautiful journey of recounting the nuances and intricacies of love that has amazed and inspired many over the years. Accompany us on this journey of exploration, wherein we bring to you the story of Ishq between Shehzada Khurram and Arjumand Bano.Delhi Karavan will yet again unveil how their love has been emblematic of all love stories so far. We will see how Mumtaz Mahal much against Malika e Dauran’an Noor Jahan’s wishes, helped and supported Prince Khurram to ascend the Shahi Takht of Hindustan; how the immeasurable and immortal love that earned enemies many, stood the tests of time with only the death of Mumtaz that separated the two. Even after her death,Shah Jahan could not contain his love for his Begum and gave up the glimmer of the palace to lose himself completely.His brother in law, Saif Khan speechless at his love remarked that Mumtaz’s soul might have to leave her grave to reciprocate the inexplicable love that ShahJahan had. Musafirs, don’t miss out on the fragrance of this dastaan e ishq which is a history now, but smells beautiful like Mushq..

Delhi Karavan invites you to an evening of yet another untold love story.We will together dig out unknown facts and fit the pieces of puzzle which have for years intrigued us.Join us on this Karavan with a little courage, a tincture of passion for History and lot of love in your heart.

Please note that presentation will be done in Hindi/Urdu

DAY, DATE & TIME: Sunday, 27th Sep, 2015, 4:00PM-7:00PM

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MEETING POINT: Ticket counter of Humayun’s Tomb
(Parking available at the meeting point)

CHARGES: Rs. 300 per person

In case of any dikkat please call us at 9818278665

1) Dress comfortably but conservatively keeping in mind local religious sentiments because we might visiting Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah . No shorts and skirts allowed, also please carry something to cover your head if you want go to the dargah
2) A bottle of water.

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