“Sair e Gul Faroshan” 2015


“खलक़ुल्लाह क्यूँ खरोशा हैं
आज क्या सैर-ए-गुलफरोशां हैं
बहेलियों-यक्कों का इक तांता हैं
जिसको देखो वो क़ुतुब जाता है…

Historically, most dynasties and rulers have never been partial to religions. Almost all great rulers of Hindustan have attempted to promote cultural and religious harmony.Delhi Karavan on 21st November, 2015 shall take you to a celebration of harmony, and love beyond faiths. ”Phool Waalon ki Sair” is one of the oldest royal festival still practiced with fanfare in mighty capital of Delhi.

To brief you about the festival.
Phoolwalon Ki Sair traces its history to the time of Badshah Akbar Shah Sani II, the then ruler of Delhi in 1812, and father of Bahadur Shah Zafar. His Queen Mumtaz Mahal Begum took a vow that she would offer a chadar of flowers at Khwaja Bakhtiyar Dargah in Mehrauli and then to the Jog Maya temple as a thanksgiving for the release of her son from imprisonment by the British. From then onwards this festival is held annually, when people from different religious backgrounds come together to celebrate this festival and offer pankha to both the shrines. The festival was stopped due to communal tension post independence and was revived by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962 to its original glory. The three day festival marks a series of events culminating with a night of celebration and Qawalli in the backdrop of Jahaz Mahal Mehrauli. The detailed programme of ‘Phool Waalon Ki sair “can be found here:http://www.phoolwaalonkisair.com/programme_2015.htm

Delhi Karavan’s offering

This festival is close to our heart for many reasons. Delhi has always been a rainbow of cultures, religions and lifestyle, and this festival brings people from across religions to display their faith as ONE !! In our own unique way, we shall learn more about the history and importance of this procession and its orgin. The walk shall cover a number of monuments in the oldest settlement of Delhi, Mehrauli and shall end at Jahaz Mahal, the venue of Qawalli, for which there shall be entry by passes .
(Passes are available at multiple locations in Delhi, we wil post the exact name of the places)

Places we shall Cover

1. Adam Khan’s tomb or Bhool Bhulaiya: Maham Anga and her son Adam Khan, foster brother of Akbar, both lie here.

2. Jog Maya Temple: This shall be our meeting point.This is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Yogmaya, the sister of Krishna. The temple is also one of the two venues, where the procession and pankha is offered during the festival.

3. Zafar Mahal: Our next step would be the glorious Zafar Mahal.It was the summer palace of the Mughals, it turned out to be their last major building. It is in ruins. Built by Akbar Shah II and later renovated by Bahadur Shah, the festival has its roots here.

4. Dargah of Qutub Saheb : One of the oldest dargahs of Delhi. The mosque was built by Iltumish. Qutub Sahib was the popular name of Khwaza Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki. Qutub Sahib was highly revered by all, and his dargah is considered as one of the most sacred places.

5. Meharuli Village : Next we shall meander through the elevated Meharuli Village, with numerous small and big monuments & tombs which lie in this settlement. Meharauli village is a heritage site which has experienced continuous human habitation for a millennium and more.This is also the venue of offering of chadar and flowers during festival.

6. Jahaz Mahal :Clouded with mystery on why this monument was built, this is the starting and culmination point of the PhoolWaalon ki Sair procession.

Facebook Event

Please note:The state government each year organises events to mark the celebration of Phoolwalon ki Sair.These events see the coming together of cultural and socially opulent crowd. Free passes are available for the same, at different venues.You may please go and acquire passes if you wish to attend the event.
We shall update you with the places dispensing passes.

Dear Musafirs of Delhi Karavan, you all have been familiar with the name of Rana Safvi. She is as graceful as the Begum of Awadh, passionate and proficient in Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb, with her expertise in Indian history . You have heard her speak at many baithaks.We bring to you another opportunity to acquaint yourself with her priceless nuggets on the history of Meharuli,titled ‘Where Stones Speak’ penned down by her.
It is our pleasure to have Rana Safvi over for our upcoming event.She will lead our walk and infuse us with the shimmer and glory of her knowledge 🙂

NOTE: Our discussion will be done in Zabaan-e-Dilli (Urdu/Hindi ONLY). While we will attempt to be a part of Procession, due to crowd we may not assure the same, This walk shall cover heritage places in and across Mehrauli Village explaining at length about the festival, the stories and the history and shall end at Jahaz Mahal, the venue of evening cultural programmes by Sair E Gul Faroshan Commetee

Day: 21st Nov, 2015 (Saturday)

Timings: 2pm onwards
(IMPORTANT : Please note that our walk will start at sharp 2p.m. and end at around 6:00 p.m, the published time for Qawalli and other celebration at Jahaz Mahal is at 7 p.m. by Sair E Gul Faroshan. While we may stick to our deadlines, Delhi Karavan shall not be responsible for any delay in the timings of programmes scheduled at Jahaz Mahal post walk.)

Duration: 4 hours of heritage walk with Delhi Karavan, (Jahaz Mahal events separate.)
Charges: Rs 400/person

We have limited slots for the event so please mail us at delhikaravan@gmail.com to confirm participation.

Meeting Point: At the entry of Yogmaya Temple opp. MCD car parking ,
Best Way to Reach: Take the Metro till Qutb Minar on the Yellow Line (Gurgaoon-Jahangirpuri Track), cross MG Road & then take an auto (Rs 40) or Park your cars at Qutb Minar complex & or at Yogamaya Temple car parking ,amp; take an auto (Rs 20). DTC buses also run from all parts of Delhi to Mehrauli Bus Terminal

Contact: Asif Khan Dehlvi – 9818278665

1- All participants should carry something to cover their heads, so be it dupattas, scarves, handkerchiefs etc for the entry to Dargah and Temple.
2- Dress conservatively to respect religious sentiments of the people in the area.
2- Since there shall be good amount of walking in this event, ensure that you wear a good pair of walking shoes or flip-flops.
3- A bottle of drinking water and munchies if you need.

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